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Hemant Kumar Apr 3, 2024

Krishna Gopal Ayurved Bhavan (Dharmarth Trust): Serving Rural Health with Ayurveda

Krishna Gopal Ayurved Bhavan (Dharmarth Trust) 

"Brief Introduction"

There is a small village called Kaleda in the Kekri tehsil of Ajmer district, Rajasthan, situated 10 km south of Kekri on the Ajmer-Kota bus route, 90 km from Ajmer, and 146 km from Jaipur. The late respected Mr. Nathusingh of Kaleda, Ajmer district, was a philanthropic homoeopathic practitioner who served the rural areas with homoeopathic medicines. In 1930, upon contact with the venerable Swami Krishnanandji Maharaj, they were brought with honor to the village of Kaleda. Under the guidance of Swamiji, the production of Ayurvedic medicines began as per the necessity, and instead of homoeopathy, medical services for patients were initiated through Ayurvedic medicines.

With the aim of expanding the services of sacred service, the establishment of "Krishna Gopal Ayurvedic Dharmarth Pharmacy" was established by the divine Swamiji Maharaj and Shri Nathusingh Ji on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya on May 1, 1930.

The father of Thakur Sahab was named Shri Gopal Singh Ji. Therefore, by combining the name of Swamiji with 'Krishna' and the name of Thakur Sahab's father with 'Gopal', the name 'Krishna Gopal' was created. Over time, the village also became famous as 'Kaleda-Krishna Gopal'. In 1945, the previously formed institution named Krishna Gopal was given the form of a trust.

The main objective of the institution is to develop medical work in rural areas through Ayurvedic methods. Providing free service to the poor is the main focus. With this view, in 1945, a building was constructed in the village of Kaleda-Krishna Gopal and an Ayurvedic clinic was established. Separate wards were built for men and women for internal medicine in addition to external medicine. Free arrangements for medicinal diet, fruits, etc., are provided for entering patients. Medicines are also provided free of cost for internal patients. Free examinations are conducted through the laboratory for disease diagnosis. Patients come here for health benefits from all over India. Apart from Kalera, at present, 9 free pharmacies have been operated at various locations. Medical service institutions are also provided free assistance in the form of medicines, and free camps are regularly organized in rural areas.

In order to make the work of health and medicine more comprehensive and to promote Ayurveda, besides publishing Ayurvedic books, a magazine has been published for the promotion of Ayurveda since 1953. There is considerable demand for this magazine in various regions of the country. The annual price of the Health Quarterly magazine is Rs. 100, and the five-year price is Rs. 400.

To run all these benevolent works systematically, the Dharmarth Trust has been established. Distinguished and philanthropic individuals are its members. Krishna Gopal Ayurved Bhavan (Dharmarth Trust) is dedicated to faithfully following the sacred and generous sentiments of its founders, as well as advancing towards the expansion of Ayurvedic medicine and treatment.

Source: Literature published by Krishna Gopal Ayurved Bhavan (Dharmarth Trust), Kaleda, Ajmer, Rajasthan.

The purpose of this article is to promote the Holy work of the institution.


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